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Proper bookkeeping is indispensable for the success and sustainability of small businesses. Beyond being a regulatory requirement, meticulous and accurate record-keeping serves as the financial backbone, providing businesses with a clear and comprehensive view of their financial health. It enables entrepreneurs to track income, expenses, and overall cash flow, allowing for informed decision-making. Timely and precise bookkeeping not only aids in fulfilling tax obligations but also facilitates strategic planning by identifying patterns, trends, and areas that require attention or improvement.

Why us?

With P&L CPA, you will get a former Controller and Auditor who knows systems and processes dedicated to your account for the first 6 months. The Senior Lead will develop the processes and workbooks to facilitate an efficient month-end and support ongoing services. After the initial first 6 months, we may assign another staff member to execute the processes setup by the Senior Lead. A Senior Lead will always be available to you in case of questions or escalations.

We have in-house certified QuickBooks Online and Xero advisors.


How it works

First, we will hold a complimentary meeting to understand your accounting environment. Based on our discussions, we will draft up a customized bookkeeping package for you. The monthly fee will be fixed for the first 3 months. After the first 3 months, if the time and effort required to maintain your books are significantly more than initially estimated, we may propose a higher fee. No price change will take effect unless mutually agreed upon by both parties. All ongoing bookkeeping engagements are cancellable at any time by either party upon written notice. Prior to commencement, we will provide a Bookkeeping Engagement Letter with the full terms for review and signing.



The monthly fee is based on the level of time and effort required. To help you understand how we build quotes for pricing, here’s how we think of it:

Base fee $500/month, includes:

  • Ongoing remote service

  • Bank reconciliation (2 pages of transactions)

  • Credit card reconciliation (2 pages of transactions)

  • Reconciling POS or Client Management System billings and payments to accounting system

  • Posting vendor invoices to accounting system

  • Preparing AP listing for disbursements 2x per month. Payments are generally executed by the Client. We record the payments in your accounting system.

  • Financial reports such as Balance Sheet and Income Statement exported from your accounting system

  • If applicable, GST and PST filings

  • Annual T-slip filings

Subject to increase if:

  • Need to come on-site, $100/visit (only available in Burnaby)

  • Need to process payroll, file PD7As, and process ROEs (for 6 employees, $300 per month)

  • Per additional page of bank transactions, $100/page

  • Per additional page of credit card transactions, $100/page

  • Need to maintain workbooks for complex financial statements areas (FSA) such as fixed assets, inventory, deferred revenue ($200/FSA)


Clean-up services

  • If your books haven’t been reconciled for multiple months, additional charges may apply for initial clean-up services.

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See how P&L CPA's accounting expertise and bookkeeping services can save you time, money, and frustration with managing your finances.

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